Hi Everyone - Welcome to the Neuroscience Fundamentals Wiki for 2010

The project is now finished, though the pages are not locked.
Everyone did a very nice job and there was a good range of topics covered.
My major feedback is that for a media analysis, the most reliable source is not necessarily the most interesting to analyse.

Comments on all projects are in the discussion pages of this Wiki. For those projects that span multiple pages, there are comments on each page.

The two projects awarded the highest marks are Aspartame - the Sweet Killer and Slow Wave Sleeplessness.

Old news....

Everyone seems to have identified a topic, and so now it is down to the job of creating the project.
Full requirements for the Project are available here.


Wednesday, September 15 at midnight


Remember to put your names and student numbers at the top of the page.

We'll make the group pages come off headings in the sidebar....

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You can decide if you want all your info on one page or have several pages chained together. However just put the link to your "top" page into the navigation bar. Give it a name related to the topic your are presenting on, not just "Group 7". Also make sure that your sub-pages have a name related to your group, rather than just "Introduction", because these files are all stored in one location.

Document your work!

Remember that you should add a comment when you save the page after editing, so that everyone can track what has been changed and why. It also allows the markers to assess whether everyone has been contributing to the group project.