Initially, we allowed members to pursue their own neuroscientific interests through a variety of mediums, with each individual then presenting a selection of their favourite media items to the group. Each item was carefully considered by the group as a whole, with some receiving support and others being dismissed.

Ultimately, “The Teenage Brain” was decided on for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, each member of the group had previous knowledge of the topic from prior university studies. Secondly, the video appeared to have a sound scientific basis and as developmental neuroscience remains a progressing area there was a large volume of relevant research material available. Finally, a member of the group attended the Association of Children’s Welfare Agencies Conference which had speakers presenting on the issues of child and adolescent mental health and the importance of early intervention. Information was also provided on Dr Dan Siegel’s upcoming seminar. Our group member believed that his attendance at, and the information gathered from, the seminar would be beneficial in our studies of “The Teenage Brain”. Picture1.png