This media item is an excerpt about Narcolepsy, a chronic neurological disorder caused by the brain's inability to regulate sleep-wake cycles normally (Liaison, 2010), an uncommon incapacitating sleep disorder affecting approximately one percent of the world’s population.

The constant irresistible urge to sleep at inappropriate times of the day can be overwhelming. Narcoleptic suffer uncontrollable episodes of sleep, characterized by drowsiness throughout the day, instances of cataplexy, events of sleep paralysis, occurrences of vivid hallucinations and night-time sleep disturbances which cause inconvenience to suffers of this sleep disorder presented in the media item, depicted by the subject Anthony Raymond a Narcoleptic enduring the battle of insatiable sleep patterns managing every day as normally as he can.

This media item is from CNN’s News Segment, a segment which divulges into the “mysteries of the brain”, describing Anthony’s situation as we are taken through his Narcoleptic lifestyle, from naps during the day to the spontaneous sleep paralysis all of which affect Anthony’s life as well other adolescences around the world, roughly 1 in every 2000 (Australia, 2006).

This excerpt is predominantly interesting for the reason that there is no particular definable cause in this mysterious nature of the disorder which has the tendency to strike lives and make life unbearable. What’s more interesting and confounding, is that whilst having hours of sleep, you would think that anyone would be jam-packed of energy and ready to take on a long day ahead. This is unfortunately not the case for Narcoleptics, the irony, a sleeping disorder that consumes most hours of a day sleeping and yet Narcoleptics feel tired, drowsy and sleep deprived most of the time. To add to the list of interesting aspects of this chosen media item, is the spontaneous knocking out and precarious dozing off without warning an attribute presented in most suffers of Narcolepsy.


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